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Nov 212013
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With Hollywood stuck for new ideas and a constant stream of movie remakes hitting our screens. We take a look at five movies that might actually benefit from a new coat of paint.

1. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Fred Ward starred as a Vietnam veteran and street cop recruited as an assassin by a top secret government organisation. His death is faked and he is renamed Remo Williams. To prepare for his new job, Remo is trained by a Korean martial arts expert. He learns skills such as bullet dodging and running on water, in this 80′s cult classic.

2. Darkman

Before he set cash registers ringing and launched the modern craze in superhero movies with ‘Spider-Man’ in 2002, Sam Raimi had already had a go at bringing a superhero to the big screen in 1990. After missing out on ‘Batman’ to Tim Burton and being told his Stan Lee scripted ‘Thor’ movie was too ambitious, Raimi set about creating his own masked hero. ‘Darkman’ starred Liam Neeson as Peyton Westlake, a hideously disfigured scientist who is unable to feel physical pain. Developing a synthetic skin that disintegrates after an hour of daylight, Westlake uses his ability to look like anyone to take down the gang that destroyed his life.

3. Timecop

Based on a story featured in Dark Horse Comics, this 1994 movie starred Jeane-Claude Van Damme as Max Walker, a agent for the Time Enforcement Commission (TEC). His job is to stop people abusing newly developed time travel technology for personal gain. Unable to use the technology himself to save his wife from her death, Walker must take down a corrupt Senator who is using time travel to further his ambitions to be President of the USA.

4. Highlander

This 1986 fantasy film starred Christopher Lambert as one of a race of immortal warriors who can only be killed by having their heads chopped off. A ‘Highlander’ remake has been in development hell for years, with Ryan Reynolds rumoured for the lead. Reynolds has since left the project and filming is planned to start on the remake in 2014. We will believe it when we see it.

5. Masters of the Universe

The first attempt at bringing the world of ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ to the big screen was this disastrous effort starring Dolph Lundgren from 1987. This version had little or no resemblance to the hit cartoon series from the mid 1980′s. No Prince Adam, no Battle Cat this was just awful.

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