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Nov 222013
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‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ comes out next summer and promises to be stuffed full of villains including ‘Electro’, ‘Rhino’ and Norman Osborn. Sony Pictures are teasing a build up to the ‘Sinister Six’, when a gang of super villains team up to deal with Spider-Man. Below we take a look at five of Spider-Man’s most famous foes that he has yet to face on the big screen.

Spider-Man Villains We’ve Yet To See See In The Movies.



Serial killer Cletus Kasady gets bonded to the spawn of the Venom alien symbiote, creating the creature known as ‘Carnage’. Venom is one of Peter Parker’s most feared enemies, but Venom only ever wants to hurt Parker. Carnage is an absolute psychopath, who will kill anyone without a second thought. So great is his threat that Spidey and Venom have to team up to take him down.


Kraven The Hunter

Sergei Kravinoff is a Russian immigrant and big game hunter. He wants to prove himself as the worlds greatest hunter. The only way he feels he can prove he is the best is by taking down the ultimate prize;  Spider-Man. Kraven was one of the original Sinister Six, so we mightn’t have to wait too long to see him on screen.


The Hobgoblin

We’ve seen Spider-Man face off against both Norman & Harry Osborn’s Green Goblins, but we’ve yet to see the Hobgoblin in the movies. The most fun part of the Hobgoblin storyline was the mystery surrounding his true identity. Using the Hobgoblin plot could give us the chance to see the more investigative side to Peter Parker’s crime fighting role.


Black Cat

The Black Cat is Felicia Hardy, the world’s great cat burglar. She enjoys blurring the line between hero and villain and loves messing with Spider-Man head. She forms a very volatile relationship with Spider-Man that tests his character to the limits. Anne Hathaway was lined up to play Black Cat in the abandoned Spider-Man 4. Hathaway went on to play another feline villain with great success as Cat Woman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.


The Kingpin

Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime in New York has close ties to both the worlds of Spider-Man and Daredevil. The Character was played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan in the 2003 ‘Daredevil’ movie starring Ben Affleck.  Fox has since let the rights to those characters revert back to Marvel Studio. So there is a possibility of the Kingpin being available for a Spider-Man movie. However Marvel is unlikely to allow a character under their control appear in a Sony produced movie. Seeing Spider-Man battle organised crime would make for a great series of movies and if the Kingpin is unavailable they could always use other crime bosses such as Silvermane or the Big Man.

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  4 Responses to “5 Spider-Man Villains We Have Yet To See In The Movies”

  1. Spidey always had one of the best rogues gallery imo

  2. Kingpin? Um, Daredevil movie … out of all of these, Carnage is definitely the one I’d like to see in the next Marvel universe movie …

  3. lol KingPin was in Daredevil…this article is crazy

  4. One word CARNAGE ….and while I love the direction Marc Webb has chosen (i for one think the robotic suit for Rhino is pure genius) I would give anything to see Andrew Garfield’s Spidey take on Carnage. A villian with no grandiose ideas of world domination Carnage is a superhuman serial killer THAT is the movie I want to see and Webb has created the Spidey universe where it could work

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